Life Without Fear


Set of 3 Fred Barge Books

  • It Is As Simple As That & More
  • Are you the Doctor, Doctor?
  • One Cause, One Cure


It Is As Simple As That & More

B.J. Palmer’s most popular lay lecture interpreted by Dr. Barge. This book contains two of B.J. Palmer’s and three of Dr. Barge’s most popular patient explanatory brochures, chiropractic’s “33 Principles,” “The Nine Primary Functions,” and much more.


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Are you the Doctor, Doctor?
Vol. IV 3rd Edition

The philosophy of successful practice, this text is a “Cook Book” on the art of good, ethical, and responsible doctoring. Dr. J. Clay Thompson stated, “Once you start reading this book you cannot put it down.”

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One Cause, One Cure
Vol. VI

For as long as man has existed on the face of the Earth he has searched for THE CAUSE. The cause of disease, of health, success, failure, and the answer has been there all the time. The “Big Idea” explained.

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